Live streaming services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE

In this modern world with all the advancement in communication technology,  physical presence of audience or participants is no longer a requirement for successful conduct of an event. It is imperative that we utilize the advantages of live streaming technology to overcome travel and economic barriers.

Live streaming provides the capability of bringing together participants/ audience who may be present in different parts of the globe, situated in different time zones all at the same time. This results in phenomenal savings both in terms of cost and time. With Dreambox’s capability of providing live streaming services with HD quality video and crystal clear audio, you will never have to worry about your audience’s engagement.

We understand live event staging and audiovisual technology. Also, we are videographers, audio engineers, jib operators and technical directors. Our technology will ensure your audience feel connected and feel part of the event from any part of the globe.

We guarantee all your audience will have the same superior event experience using the marvels of live streaming.



Why Dreambox?


Simultaneous livestream to multiple video sharing platforms (Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitter etc.)

Cellular Bonding

4G cellular bonding for stable connection on locations where internet is unavailable


Multi-camera support using video mixers to capture your event from multiple angles for an immersive experience.

HQ streaming

World wide live stream available for unlimited viewers

HD Video/Audio

Live streaming with high definition video and high quality audio

Graphics / Overlays

Attractive graphics and overlays while live streaming

Our failsafe measures

To ensure our live streaming services perform faultlessly, we take following steps. Hence we guarantee smooth and uninterrupted streaming.

  • Back-up connectivity - In case during the event, connectivity goes down our backup wireless 4-G network has you covered

  • Back-up hardware - We always carry battery back-up, spare cameras, encoders, cables, and other critical accessories to keep your broadcast up and running

  • Technical Support - We have an experienced technician with impressive problem solving skills present on location to sort out any technical difficulties then and there and to ensure the live stream experience is unaffected

Video Production

We provide our live streaming service for (not limited to):



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Image by Austin Distel

Webcast / Webinar

Birthday Shoot Dubai 16.jpg

Family gatherings

In Meeting

Virtual Meetings

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