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Our kids will never be this age again. They’re growing up and time won’t slow down. For the first time in Dubai, Dreambox’s Newborn

and Family Films document this time in your lives in a way that preserves the memories for a lifetime.

Family Videography

New Born Videography, Maternity videography, Baby videography and Family videography


It’s all about family. Whether you are growing your family with a tiny human or documenting life just as you are, Dreambox offers at-home family storytelling sessions that authentically capture your moments. Family films are the best way to capture your personalities and everyday moments. You can’t hear their tiny voices or see their wobbly steps in a still and your kids will thank you later. #pinky-promise


Dreambox videographers are specially trained in rendering high quality family videos that make you remember good moments spent with your loved ones. Our videos are a form of memory bank where you can keep those sweet and beautiful memories with the most important people in your life safe. Even when memories are gone, these videos will remain. As children turn into adults, they will appreciate the importance of the memories you created with them and messages you left behind for them.


Children grow very fast, before parents realize it, they are adults. A good family video helps you track the development of your children and the family as a whole. Little and vital details are recorded and you can watch your children transform from infancy to adolescence in many years to come. These videos can be watched with these children and even your grandchildren, that is their own children!

Maternity Photography

Maternity Photoshoot: Featuring The Glowing Beauty Of Motherhood

Whether you’re about to become a mom for the first time, or already well set into motherhood, being pregnant is a precious and beautiful time. Our maternity sessions are all about celebrating that time. Family members such as the husband and kids are welcome to join the session. These sessions can be booked to take place in a studio, outdoors or at your home. Treasure each moment of your journey to motherhood, with an artistic photoshoot organised by our highly talented maternity photographer. We recommend to have the photoshoot when a mother is between 25 to 30 weeks into her pregnancy. It is at this time when the belly takes on a beautiful, full form, and expecting mothers still feel comfortable and mobile enough for a photo session. This is important, especially if the photoshoot will be done in a different location, such as the beach. 


Whether it’s your first time to have a maternity photoshoot, or you’re welcoming your second or third bundle of joy, you can trust our team of professional photographers to guide you throughout the session. We always make it a point to make our clients feel relaxed and comfortable with us, so you can be your best confident self all throughout, and we get to capture your essence as a person and a mother. Interested in our photography packages for expecting moms in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

Newborn Photography

Welcome your baby into the world with a private newborn photoshoot

Giving your newly born baby his/her very own photoshoot is the perfect way to mark the joyous occasion of their arrival into your life. And with the skills of our newborn photographer, we can help you preserve these priceless moments beautifully, and for a lifetime. For our newborn sessions, we welcome babies who are five to 15 days old. We encourage parents to book their session early and based on the mother’s due date. The reason why it is important to do the sessions when the babies are this young is because they would still be in the womb position. They are easy to work with and to put in the different poses. A typical session usually takes 2 to 3 hours. 


We offer the shoot in the privacy and comfort of your own residence through our home service, which is available within Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Al Ain. We understand that the date of your baby’s arrival may be earlier or later than expected. By scheduling the shoot in advance, we can make sure our calendar can accommodate any changes in your due date, and that we can have your baby’s photoshoot within the most suitable timeframe. This also gives our team enough time to prepare for the shoot, whether you want to have it in your home in Dubai or Al Ain, or if you prefer a special theme.

Baby Photography

Our package for baby photography in Dubai and Abu Dhabi starts at the age of 1 month old, until 11 months old. We cater these to your needs and it is very much based on what you’re looking for. What Split Second recommends is that the mothers can always rely on the following ages for their babies.

Welcome your baby into the world with a private newborn photoshoot

3 months: At the age of 3 months, babies start to raise their chest up, have direct contact with the camera, and give brilliant smiles for photos.

6 months: This is usually the stage when they begin to sit down without any help.

9 months: Babies can sit perfectly, and start crawling, and of course always have a beautiful smile on their faces.

11 months: They can stand up on their own by holding on to something, for example a chair, or so on.

These are the perfect stages of a baby in order to have the best results. Always keep in mind that these photo sessions should be booked according to the BEST TIME for the baby. Never on his nap time, and when he feels sleepy. For every photoshoot, our team of experienced photographers works together with parents to make babies feel comfortable and relaxed. After all, happy babies mean we get to take photos that perfectly capture the sparkle in their eyes and their cute little smiles. If you have a special theme in mind, don’t hesitate to let us know about it so we can prepare for it in advance.

Birthday Party Photography/ Kids Party Photography

We Photograph Kids' Birthdays And We Love It

With so many things to organize, why not strike photography off your list of things to worry about? Everyone from the party will have lots of phone photo snaps but put your phone away… nothing beats album-worthy photographs to remember the special event especially when the family and friends are all together sharing fun-filled moments, something that’s not always easy to do these days. As a specialist event photographer, party photography is available to capture those special events and occasions, whether a toddlers first birthday, children’s birthday party, 18th, 21st or 60th birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, engagement parties and any special life event celebration can all be captured. 


Through reportage and documentary photography, the true essence of the event, the atmosphere and all the fun will be truthfully photographed. Real personalities and action. In additional to the lifestyle coverage of the special occasion, organized group photographs can be taken as informal groups during the event or formal utilizing a specific area.

Family Photography

Cherish Your Family’s Loving Moments, With Beautiful Photographs Captured By Our Family Photographer

We cater these sessions to your needs and it is very much based on what you’re looking for. They can be at the location that you desire, usually take up to two hours and will include a variety of poses and set ups. At Dreambox, we have a team of passionate family photographers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi who will go above and beyond what is needed to make sure all of your family’s dearest moments are captured and preserved through photos. Whether it’s your first time to have your very own photoshoot, or you’re used to facing the camera, our photographers will guide you throughout the photo session, and help you feel at ease and in the moment. We can bring props that will add color, energy, and life to your chosen photography theme. 


With these, we can create an environment where you’ll feel comfortable and confident to strike a pose and give us your most dazzling smile. So, let us know where you want to have a photoshoot, and we will arrange it immediately for you. It can be in the privacy of your home, at our creative studio, or on the beach, with the sunset as your backdrop. Feel free to get in touch with us so we can book a schedule for you and iron out all the details of your photo session.

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