Is your business making the best out of what Instagram has to offer?

Even before you even start this article, here are some quick facts to help you understand why you clicked this in the first place!



These numbers alone make it interesting and worth their while for brands to invest in Instagram to connect with their audiences. Our question is, are you?


Instagram Stories is a new feature which helps you share all the interesting moments of your day in a slideshow format. It makes it possible to share your stories as many times as you want on your profile without running the risk of over posting – your stories disappear after 24 hours and out of your feed too.


In just 9 months since its launch, Instagram Stories has already overtaken and heralded a decline of its closest competitor – Snapchat, and seems to be growing in a big way!


And there are a few reasons why.


    • Easier to search, find and follow people – this makes it much easier for your brand to be discovered organically by people wanting to know more about you or your offerings


    • Sharing links – if you’re on to promoting your businesses on social channels, you realize the importance of sharing website links, or cross-linking to your YouTube, Facebook, or other social channels, precisely what Instagram offers


    • Higher video and picture quality – While Snapchat helped in sharing live videos, Instagram Stories goes a bit further by allowing to share videos – both live and recorded. This makes it much more convenient for you to invest in an exciting video to wow your audiences for a new launch or promotion and jazz up your campaigns!


    • Active users – has more than 700 Million users, versus 300 Million on Snapchat – this is a no brainer!


Now that you’re aware of this, how can you get started? We’re sharing some quick moves to get your juices flowing!

    1. Drive Brand Awareness – Start sharing images and videos which talks about who you are and what is exciting in what you do. Have your brand name/logo displayed prominently so that it’s hard to miss. The more you do, the more you start getting more recalls from your followers elsewhere!


    1. Leverage the power of the masses – Small campaigns to generate interest and encourage participation of your target audience is always a win-win for both your brand, and your followers. You can always ask your followers to share how they use your products, or when they avail your services, or even share ideas for your business!


    1. Promote your sales campaigns Through Instagram Stories, you can create more buzz amongst your audiences simply because your ads are non-intrusive, and you can keep sharing some exciting discounts and offers to grab their attention easily.


    1. Showcase your offerings You’re probably the one in charge of driving your business, and on most days, you’d be finding 100 different ways to talk about what you are offering. Start publishing it through Instagram Stories to deliver fresh messages and content every day.


    1. Narrate a day at work While your audience would be most interested in your services and products, going a little out of your way to show them how you go about doing your work generates curiosity and adds in a personal touch to your brand. Forge deeper connections with your customers by giving them a sneak peek of what goes behind the scenes.


    1. Celebrate with your customers Building relationships with your customers pays off in the long run, and what better way to show that you care for them by celebrating with them?


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