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Professional Event Photographer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & UAE

Event Photography Dubai
Corporate Event Photography Dubai
Event Photographer in Dubai
Professional Event Photographer
Best Event Photography Dubai
Event Photographer Dubai
Event Photography in Dubai
Hire Event Photographer

Our goal is to simplify the entire event photography & videography process for busy, overworked, stressed, and under-appreciated event organizers, conference producers, PR agents, and marketing managers. We offer a simple and clear pricing structure with well-defined objectives and deliverables with no hidden charges.

Our event photographers have been involved with enough events within the region to understand things can change at the last minute - agendas, locations, requirements, and even the city. Once commissioned, Our event photographers will be there for you and your event, and we will adapt to these changes and deliver results to your satisfaction.

With our experience in the media and events industries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Middle East, Our event photographers firmly believe that the most essential component to a successful outcome in any endeavor is clear and accurate communication. From understanding the client's requirements to accurately defining our understanding of these, it is the priority of our event photographers to ensure excellent client/supplier communication at all times - pre-event, on-site, and post-event delivery.

Hire Best Event Photographers in Dubai

From corporate conferences to rock concerts, our experienced event photographers will capture the moments that matter to deliver the highest quality images.

Our event photographers fully understand the photographic images required by each industry and sector. We also have the knowledge and equipment to ensure the best quality results in low, mixed light, no flash situations. A full range of formal, reportage style, and creative photographs will be delivered post-event and also during the event if required. See our event photography service categories for more details.

We understand the dynamics of running an event, and our experience allows us to say this confidently. We have one of the best teams of event photographers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi who can cover a myriad of marketing and PR assignments for corporates, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and brands. Our extensive gallery of photographs is the evidence for it. We promise you unmatched photos, R.O.I, and coverage that you truly deserve.

Types of Dubai Event Photography

  • Exhibitions, Conference and Trade Shows Photography

  • Commercial & PR events Photography

  • Concerts, Festival & live events Photography

  • Graduation Party

  • Private and public party Photography

  • Gala Dinners and Award Night Photography

  • Burj Khalifa Projection

  • School/ University Events

Don't Miss The Moment: Capture Your Meetings, Incentive, Conferences & Events (MICE) Programs!

With years of hands-on experience in incentive program operations, Dreambox understands the rhythm and flow of meetings, awards programs, and events - and knows how to make them special. Memorable photography help market your program & event to employees striving to be the top performers and create fun memories for the attendees. Dreambox helps you get the most out of your planned budget while building accolades for your team.

Please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to create a photography package that fits your brief and budget.

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Professional Event Photographer 15
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Event Photographer 9
Event Photographer 10
Event Photographer 8
Event Photographer 7
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Event Photographer 4
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Corporate Event Photography Dubai 10
Corporate Event Photography Dubai 9
Corporate Event Photography Dubai 8
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Corporate Event Photography Dubai 5
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Corporate Event Photography Dubai 1
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Best Event Photography Dubai 15
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Best Event Photography Dubai 11
Best Event Photography Dubai 9
Best Event Photography Dubai 8
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Best Event Photography Dubai 1
Best Event Photography Dubai 4
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Corporate Event Photography Dubai 7
Event Photography in Dubai 12
Event Photographer in Dubai 14
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