6 ‘Wow Moments’ from Your Wedding Album – Shots You Can Ask Your Photographers to Click

Looking back on your wedding album might help you recapitulate those moments. But let’s be honest with one fact. Failing to find photos of your favourite moments may dishearten you once the wedding ends. So, besides other services in a wedding, even selecting a photographer needs some considerations.


These days, hiring a photographer is simple. You only require evaluating their years of experience, expertise, and soft skills via initial consultation and pricing. But what about those clicks that you have wish-listed for so many years?


Tying the knot with someone is very special, and so is the style of wedding photography. But how you perceive things might differ from how your wedding photographer does. Thus, you can ask them for must-click shots at your wedding. On this note, here’s highlighting the most important shots a client may ask wedding videographers and photographers.


#1 A Few Candid Shots (Before, After, and In between the Rituals)


Who wouldn’t want some candidate shots at a wedding? After all, candid photographs can show the real emotions of a person at that particular time. One of the trend-setting elements in the current photography industry is candid shots. With candids, your images transform from beautiful moments to everlasting memories.


Once the celebrations are over, you will only have those photos that facilitate you to go back to the flashback. Candid photographs can showcase the real emotions of your friends, colleagues, family, associates, and people around you. A photographer who understands the significance of candids in the traditional event is the right fit for your wedding.


#2 That Moment When the Couple Looks at the Camera


A bride and groom remain surrounded by family members, friends, and colleagues. Happiness and joy surround the air. But there’s always something special about the time when the bride and groom reunite. It may seem cliché, and the couple might feel awkward while looking at the camera. But the truth is it’s one of the most important times for clicking photos.


After all, you will cherish those photos some 20, 30, or 50 years from now. They are timeless and classic. Thus, couples should never undermine the importance of these clicks. Please ask your wedding photographers in Dubai for these shots.


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#3 Framing Some Intricate Elements


Each element in the ceremony holds equal importance, from wedding invites to wedding rings. If you reside in Dubai, your traditional wedding will last seven days following Al Khoutha.


One quick note: Al Khoutha is the marriage proposal ceremony. Here, the groom’s father asks her father for the bride’s hand.


So, these little intricate details undoubtedly have a discernible charm. So, a wedding album comprising only people (and no rituals) does not give you a reason to look back at the photos. To bring an exquisite appeal, please ask the Dubai photographer to click on the intricate elements of the wedding.


That may include the bride and groom’s jewelery, rituals, and other details. A few more highlighting elements that make a wedding album stand out are the groom’s accessories, bridal bouquets, and other objects.


#4 A Photo with Every Family Member


The couple is not the only attraction of a wedding. After all, a wedding does not happen between two people but between two families. So, each family members hold equal significance in the ceremony. Then, what makes it so difficult to forget about clicking photos with each family member?


Note that group family photos are important. But if you do not click individual images with individual members of both families, you might regret it after ten years. So, honour every member of your family by shooting individually with them. You are going to cherish those moments later in life.


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#5 Individual Portraits of the Bride & Groom


What’s a wedding album if it does not comprise unique portraits of the groom and bride? A budding expert in photography in Dubai also understands the importance of portrait photographs. So, it’s a no-brainer that these unique poses are a must in your album.


Ask the professional to try various angles & ideas that have seldom got experimented with so far by pros. Portrait photographs should always bring out the real personality of individuals.


#6 What Happens Immediately after the Rituals


As soon as the ceremony ends, there’d be emotions all around. There would be joy, tears, elation, gratitude, relief, and so on. A professional should be able to connect to the gratuitous hugs and infinite laughter and produce it via the lens.


Finding a photographer who can shoot these types of photos is a win-win situation for you. On this note, allow us to introduce ourselves as your wedding storytellers. At Dreambox, we craft wedding stories with engaging and cinematic elements. So, are you planning to become our next client?


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